Folding Mr. Lincoln

........"sweet jangly pop and lyric driven folk; acoustic syrup for the ears".  Our debut album 'Within My Reach' received a 2009 San Diego Music Award nomination for 'Best Country / Americana' Album.  Our 2nd album 'Folding Mr. Lincoln - Live' received a 2011 San Diego Music Award nomination for 'Best Americana' Album........and our 3rd album 'Two Rivers' received a 2013 San Diego Music Award nomination for 'Best Americana Album'.

Folding Mr. Lincoln -
Harry Mestyanek, Jeff Stasny, Alex Watts, & Omar Ramirez.  A band comprised of seasoned musicians; each bringing a life of experience to every song, every stage, and every audience. 

Two Rivers - "When I first heard Folding Mr. Lincoln, I felt an immediate kinship with their folksy, rootsy sound. I got in touch with the band and together we made a music video for "Lay It All Down", which was shot in one insanely fun night in their hometown of San Diego, CA. Later, when I was making a feature length film, Harry Mestyanek scored the entire movie with Folding Mr. Lincoln songs and some original instrumental pieces and it was the perfect backdrop for my story. These days, I'm proud to count myself as one of Folding Mr. Lincoln's biggest fans. And now, this story of Lynne & Eugene (Two Rivers), this story of life-long love, in all its poignancy and glory, once again touched me to the core. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do". - Geeta Malik - Film Maker, Los Angeles

"When you come to a Folding Mr. Lincoln show you get to experience the pure joy of musicians feeding off of each other and the audience". - Michael Hart - The Julian News.

Folding Mr. Lincoln is based in San Diego, California.

Harry Mestyanek - songs, vocals, & guitar
Jeff Stasny - drums & backing vocals
Alex Watts - lead guitar & backing vocals
Omar Ramirez
- bass & backing vocals


Folding Mr. Lincoln: Within My Reach
Folding Mr. Lincoln: Live
Folding Mr. Lincoln: Two Rivers


'Next Exit South' from Two Rivers
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